Hello Everyone, I am Alex!

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    Hello MOCM, I am Alex, or known as Bikachu.

    I am currently driving 2011 Mini Cooper S R56 N18, it was passed down to me from my family since beginning of 2019.
    It was a roller coaster ride since the first time I sat in a mini as I have never imagined that I would fell in love with Minis.
    I only got to know and join MOCM since earlier this year, it was a short duration but it was really fun to get to know you all.

    This year was a big roller coaster of emotions and luck with my mini, but sadly most likely that will come to an end. I just recently got my Mini back into running condition and I will have to find a new loving home for my beloved Mini. Actually I have a nickname for her, I call her Checkmate. I won’t be able to continue my journey with Checkmate soon as this current situation has affected my family and I. It was a short & sweet journey as I have never expected to let her go so sudden.

    With that being said I am doing my best to spend as much time as checkmate and to find a new home for her.

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